💀 May Retrospective


May Retrospective

May 31, 2019

Another month's in the rear-view mirror, designers. Like the end of any sprint or project, let's just take the end-of-the-month excuse to weigh the work and the person.

What went well this month? What didn't go so hot? What can we do to make June better?

I want to tease-out a few more specific questions from the standard sprint retro prompt based on Stoic qualities we want to keep in mind. Ask yourself:

  1. Did I procrastinate and, if so, why? Procrastination is a signal that we aren't being true to ourselves: whether that's to our desires to actually do the thing, the trepidation that makes us postpone taking action, our frankly just our limits about how much work we can take on.

  2. What will I do so that I don't procrastinate in June? Procrastination is a character flaw that prevents us from living-up to the kind of designer or developer we want to be. We need to make it our priority to identify the reasons we procrastinate - and nip them. Sometimes, it's just about saying out loud that - you know what - you're not going to do that podcast anymore.

  3. Did I lose my cool, did I lose my cool often, and why? Being cool-headed isn't about suppressing emotion, but by convincing yourself that there's very little of real importance that deserves all that mental energy involved in losing your shit. Your design decisions are worst for panic and pressure. Your dignity suffers. The quality of your day suffers.

  4. What can I do in June to armor myself against losing my cool? Memento mori.

  5. Are the things that matter - my friends, my family, my users - better off in June because I existed in May? For as much or as little as you choose to live in society, is it better for you being there?

  6. Am I better off in June because of the choices I made about how I spend my time and with whom I spend my time? Be real.

Stoicism isn't about dicta and maxims but practice in making your day-to-day what you want it to be by identifying everything that's dragging it down and cutting the straps.

See you in June. Craft virtuously,


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