It does the service no harm for the product to be put together or taken apart
You must try to decouple your sense of value as a crafts-person from the entity that buys your wares.
When you drift off path, oh well, the path's still right there.

July 2020

How much of what you do routinely matters?

March 2020

The lesson then is that this is not the worst. You can think. You can do. You are not without agency here.

January 2020

Practice really hearingListen now | Getting inside of our users' heads provides context and evidence for the choices we make about what's actually in our control: the service…

December 2019

The end of year reckoning is often a punch to the gut, but it shouldn't be.
Scipio's Villa and the Product Over TimeListen now (6 min) | I am resting at the country-house which once belonged to Scipio Africanus himself; and I write to you after doing reverence to his…
We make up deadlines, sure; we make up year ends, too.

October 2019

It's Halloween 🦇 The Veil is ThinListen now (2 min) | Back in April I introduced Venerating the Grave UX (medium), which is about regularly “ritualizing” negative feedback. The idea is…
"Don't let your imagination be crushed by life as a whole." - Our boy, Marcus.
Goal-setting should be constrained to factors in your control: that is, pursue goals that best prepare that arrow’s trajectory.